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Peter Osalor was born in Warri, then Bendel State but now Delta, in a family of five on 11th November 1955 to Isoko parents’, he attended primary and secondary school in warri and moved in kano in 1977 where he worked with touts and drivers in the park loading lorries and trucks in order to earn a living, he worked at the park in Kano for about a month before met an old friend of his who then asked him to move in with him and his family in Kano.

Peter Osalor
Ideas are more important than money. Ideas are the real currency for success. Get Your Ideas right.

Award Winning Author

He established SIYB, an acronym for “Success in Your Business” a registered Non-Governmental and Charity Organization whose objective is the Eradication of Poverty and Birthing of Entrepreneurs. Peter Osalor is a multi-skilled director, chairman of trusts, proprietor and consultant.

He currently mentors over 1000 SMEs in the UK and Nigeria. He was a business mentor for Princess Trust in the UK. He was a member of the Inter-Governmental Committee of ICAN and was also a member of BCMC (Black Church Membership of Christians) whose responsibility is to ensure Black Christian businesses are not left out in the business opportunities that came with the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Mr. Peter Osalor has authored over 30 books on Business and Entrepreneurial Development. Here are lists of some of his bestseller.

  • The Entrepreneurial Revolution
  • Women Empowerment & Entrepreneurial Revolution
  • Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurial Revolution
  • The Farmer Entrepreneur
  • Book keeping and Accountancy Made Simple

And many more.

He previously ran a weekly 30 minutes Program on television in Port Harcourt,
Yenegoa, Warri, Asaba, and AIT Abuja. The program titled “SUCCESS IN YOUR
BUSINESS” Inspiring Entrepreneurial Revolution, teaches viewers on how to establish and manage SMEs. Previously He also Hosted a TV program on BEN TV in London tagged “GATEWAY TO INVESTMENT IN NIGERIA”. The program aimed at attracting foreign investments to Nigeria.

Peter has the necessary expertise to advise and negotiate at higher political and senior levels, both in Nigeria, the UK, Bulgaria and Globally. He is a wealth of Knowledge and Experience.

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The Entrepreneurial Development Series

The Ultimate Guide to Business Mastery.

Volume 1: Why and How to Start Your Own Business

Volume 2: How to Identify and Fund Your Business

Volume 3: How to Prepare A Business Plan

Volume 4: Success in your Business


50 Proven Cures For Poverty

Poverty is a sphere in which the power of choice is often removed. The poorest people in the world are not those without money, nor are those without vision at the bottom of the poverty leap. Money can be acquired, with the know-how, and vision can be birthed.


Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurial Revolution

The Solution for a Prosperous Society, Poverty Eradication and Wealth Creation.


Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurial Revolution

Fighting Poverty, Creating Jobs and Checking Youth Restiveness


50+ Year Old Entrepreneurs

Fulfilling Your Dreams in Your Golden Years. It’s Never Too Late !

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